The “Tradition without innovation” method

At the base of the “Putechella” gastronomic offer is the enhancement of the centuries-old culinary traditions of the town halfway up the coast of which the Di Martino family will want to be, once again, careful guardian. In a simple and genuine context, you can take a real dip in the past, rediscovering ancient flavors thanks to the use of zero-kilometer products and our cooking method “tradition without innovation!”

The menu fully reflects this philosophy: a list of a few pizzas made with genuine ingredients and with particular attention to the seasonality of the products; local cold cuts and cheeses; artisanal fried foods with an ancient flavor and traditional sweets. Local wine, the inevitable limoncello and gracious hospitality in the shade of the historic lemon garden will complete a pleasant moment of serenity and return to origins.

The project

We love to simplify the kitchen and bring the taste experience back to its origins.
The authentic flavors of our dishes, the aromas of our lemon grove and the offline experience are our natural dimension: as it once was.


In the small village of Novella, a hamlet of Tramonti, it opens its doors to “Putechella” customers. Right here, in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, is the place of the soul and the homeland of the Di Martino family. At the beginning of the 1900s, great-grandfather Vincenzo, the son of that industrious and wise generation, jealous and attentive keeper of a millenary peasant tradition, opened his small dairy. Later, as often happened in those difficult years, five of his six children were forced to emigrate to Veneto. Here, children of the peasant tradition, brought with them not only the cult and the taste of mozzarella but also of one of the famous culinary specialties of Campania and in particular of the Tramontina: pizza!

Today, more than a century later, in those same places full of memories, this new adventure begins.

Where we are

Piazza Padre Pio, 2 – Tramonti – Costa d’Amalfi